Navarra has witnessed the steady and promising rise of its audiovisual sector, positioning itself as a benchmark for excellence, creativity and investment opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Over the last decade, Navarra's audiovisual sector has experienced significant growth and remarkable evolution.

Driven by government support and local talent, Navarra has emerged as a nationally and internationally recognised centre of creativity and production. During these years, it has seen an increase in the production of films, series, documentaries and audiovisual projects of various genres, being repeatedly chosen as a location for both national and international shoots, taking advantage of the diversity of its landscapes and the richness of its cultural heritage.

The development of specialised infrastructures, recording studios and audiovisual service companies has contributed to the strengthening of the sector and has facilitated the realisation of larger projects.

Moreover, collaboration between public institutions, private companies and professionals in the sector has fostered the formation of solid networks and the creation of synergies that have boosted innovation and quality in productions.

The commitment to the promotion and dissemination of film and audiovisual culture has been reflected in the holding of festivals, events and activities that have consolidated Navarra’s presence on the national and international film scene.

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Why invest in Navarra?

The audiovisual industry in Navarra has a series of transversal supports in different areas to stimulate investment in infrastructures and the production of audiovisual content.

Tax incentives

Navarra was the first region in Spain to promote audiovisual production in Spain through tax incentives. Today, the region has developed the most legally secure system of tax credits for investors and producers in Spain. It also has a strong group of mature investors, who know and trust the tax tool and are waiting for the arrival of new projects to invest.

Administrative proximity

The administrative proximity and speed of response of the public administrations greatly facilitates the management of audiovisual projects in our region.

Exceptional locations

Navarre enjoys a wide variety of locations that position the region as a unique destination for filming. Our region boasts deserts, steep valleys, ancient oak groves, medieval villages, cities, palaces, and the largest beech forest in Europe, all within 10,000 km2 of diversity connected by an excellent network of infrastructures.

Talent and qualification

Navarre has a highly qualified professional network capable of covering any professional profile in audiovisual productions of documentaries, fiction or animation.

Furthermore, the region is strongly committed to AI applied to the sector’s value chain and we have the first AI laboratory in Spain specifically dedicated to the audiovisual industry.

“Professor Octuppus” is the first UIE, Business Innovation Unit of the audiovisual industry, considered as an “innovative agent” within the Navarra Innovation System (SINAI). An innovative device focused on the development of AI tools, thanks to its staff of researchers with expertise in computer science, mathematics, Big Data, audiovisual production, CGIs, etc.

Main agents in the sector

Navarra Film Industry

Navarra Film Industry (NFI)

This is the brand of the audiovisual sector in Navarra and was created with the ultimate aim of providing services, promoting opportunities and boosting projects in the audiovisual sector in the region.

It encompasses both public and private agents, and acts as a meeting point for the promotion and visibility of projects produced in Navarra, as well as offering services to professionals and companies that form part of the region’s audiovisual ecosystem.

In addition, Navarra Film Industry seeks to highlight the potential of the audiovisual sector, both locally and internationally, attracting new projects, companies, and talent to our region, renowned for its innovative and dynamic ecosystem.

Navarra Film Comission

Navarra Film Comission

This is the film office created by the Government of Navarra in 2009 with the aim of facilitating the work of companies and professionals from the audiovisual sector interested in filming in Navarra, providing information, promoting agreements and facilitating the necessary logistics for filming. In turn, it acts as an intermediary between the Government of Navarra, public administrations, individuals and the audiovisual industry.

Its services include location scouting, logistical assistance for production, coordination with relevant institutions and organisations, management and advice on the processing of filming permits, contact with professionals and companies, information on financing audiovisual projects, and promotion of the territory in specialised markets.


CINATEK is the first Association of Professional Film Technicians in Navarra. It has 95 members, and its aim is to make the professional fabric of Navarre’s film industry more visible.

Navara Audiovisual


Napar is the Association of Production Companies and Professionals in the Audiovisual sector of Navarra and its activity is focused on promoting the growth of the audiovisual sector by supporting innovative and ambitious projects, as well as rooting this activity in the industrial and creative fabric of our region.


CLAVNA, cluster audiovisual de Navarra

It is a non-profit association, constituted in 2017, whose objective is to channel projects, financiers, investments and training proposals that directly impact the audiovisual sector in the region in a way that allows Navarra to position itself in the international audiovisual sphere.

Its objectives are:

  • The promotion of innovation and the transmission of knowledge among its companies to increase the competitiveness of the sector.
  • The internationalisation of the sector.
  • The creation of synergies between public institutions, private companies, knowledge centres and industrial development centres.
  • Advice and strategic monitoring of the sector.
  • The establishment of a network for the internationalisation and sale of regional products and projects.
  • To collaborate in projects with projection and a cohesive structure to generate employment, good practices and position the region in the field of cultural industries.
  • To give visibility to Navarre’s audiovisual industrial sector as a quality brand of its own.

Some companies of the sector

Filming in Navarra

Robot Dreams

The animated film by director Pablo Berger, directed and produced in Navarra, has won the Goya Awards for Best Animated Film and Best Adapted Screenplay, as well as the Feroz Award for Best Comedy. It has also been nominated for an Oscar in the Best Animated Film category.

The girls are fine

The film was directed by Itsaso Arana, an actress of Navarra, and produced by Jonas Trueba. It had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival and was subsequently screened at Filmin’s Atlàntida Mallorca Film Fest and, more recently, at the Goya Awards, where it was nominated for Best New Director. It also went to the Feroz Awards, where it was nominated for Best Comedy.

Hanna and the monsters

The animated film is produced and directed in Navarra by Lorena Ares. It was nominated for the Gaudí Awards for Best Animated Film (2024), “Gaudí Special Audience Award for Best Film” (2024), and the Goya Awards where it was nominated for Best Animated Film.


The international miniseries shot in Navarra, also has a long track record of nominations and awards. It won:

  • 4 of the 5 nominations at the Platino Ibero-American Film Awards (Best Ibero-American miniseries or teleseries, best female performance in series (Elena Irureta), Best supporting female performance in series (Loreto Mauleón), Best creator in miniseries or teleseries (Aitor Gabilondo)),
  • 1 of the 3 nominations of the XXVI Forqué Awards 2021(Best female performance in a TV Series (Elena Irureta))
  • 2 of the 7 nominations for the Feroz Awards 2021
  • Ondas Award 2020 for Best Drama Series.

Vampire academy

The medieval village of Olite is home to one of the best-preserved castles in Spain, which was used by those responsible for the international American series Vampire Academy to turn it into one of its main filming locations. Other locations that can be seen in the series are the Monastery of Santa María de Irache, the village of Ujué and the Lordship of Beraiz.

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Navarra is one of the leading agri-food ecosystems in Spain, located in the Ebro Valley, it promotes and facilitates innovative processes that are being developed by the sector, improving its activity.

Renewable energy

Navarra is a European benchmark in the production of Renewable Energy, as it is the cradle of wind energy in southern Europe and is committed to new types of technologies and energy vectors, such as green hydrogen or the production of batteries.


Navarra is at the European forefront in personalized medicine, with a competitive health sector capable of bringing innovative and accessible solutions to health challenges to the market.


Through the use of Big Data and artificial intelligence, Navarra is committed to being a benchmark in digital transformation and innovation services, both from the public and private spheres, as well as at the academic level.