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Navarra stands for opportunities, transformation, taking the initiative and championing sustainability. What are you waiting for?

Why Navarra

The strong industrial sector, clear commitment to innovation, dynamic business climate and commitment to our people and land make our region a very attractive place for growing your business. More than 125 multinational companies have already taken that decision.

Navarra is an european region with advanced and competitive economy.

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Navarra is at the crossroads of two key Spanish logistics corridors: North-South, (connecting Paris and Madrid) and East-West (connecting Bilbao and Barcelona), giving access to the Spanish and European markets, with more than 100 million consumers.

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In terms of innovative regions, Navarra is the leader in innovation and technological transfer in Spain.

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Companies invest and re-invest in Navarra because of its excellent levels of education and the high productivity capacity of its labour force.

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Navarra has a high level of autonomy, which allows it to have its own and separate tax system, which focuses on stimulating productive investments.

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Navarra is one of the Spanish regions with the best national indicators in terms of social well-being, access to services and standard of living.

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Funding and incentives for investment

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Navarra, a strategic enclave for the automotive industry. This sector represents around 25% of industrial GDP in Navarra, which represents 30% of GDP of the Autonomous Community of Navarra.


Navarra is one of the leading ecosystems in agrifood in Spain. It is located in the Ebro Valley, and promotes and facilitates innovative processes being developed by the sector, thus improving its activity.

Renewable energies

Navarra has a long tradition in the automotive sector. This sector represents a quarter of industrial GDP, which in turn represents 25% of regional GDP.


Navarra is at the forefront of personalised medicine in Europe, with a competitive health sector capable of launching innovative and accessible solutions to health challenges on the market.


Through Big Data and artificial intelligence, Navarra is committed to becoming a benchmark in digital transformation and innovation both in the public and private sectors, as well as at academic level.


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Sungrow Ibérica

Sungrow Ibérica’s presence in Navarra is due to the fact that its current director, Javier Izcue, was convinced that the region would be an ideal place to implement an ambitious business plan in the field of renewables. The strategy he designed convinced the managers of this Chinese multinational specialising in photovoltaic inverters. And they were not wrong. In these years, they have achieved a turnover of over 100 million euros and have become a key region for the multinational’s strategic plans.


S21sec was one of the first companies to use ethical hacking techniques. They were born in the middle of the bursting of the dotcom bubble, but it didn’t take them long to make the market understand the importance of cybersecurity and the capacity and specialization of their professionals. They were born in Donostia-San Sebastian, but the financial support of the Navarre Administration led them to change their headquarters to Navarra a few years later.

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