Renewable energies

Navarra is a pioneer and leader at the European level in terms of the production of renewable energies, with a historic technological and industrial commitment to developing it and as the cradle.

Navarra has become a global leader in renewable energies

Navarra is a pioneer and leader at European level in terms of the production of renewable energies, with a historic technological and industrial commitment to its development and the implementation of new global standards for wind energy.

It is the third most important sector in Navarra after the automotive industry and the agrifood sector, with an important industrial network of more than 110 companies, 6,400 jobs and a turnover of €4.5 billion, representing 5% of regional GDP. In turn, it is the region’s second largest export sector, mainly based on the production of wind turbines and their components.

The close-knit industrial fabric covers all links in the value chain, which includes one large renewable energy operator, Acciona Energía, and two large OEMs, Siemens Gamesa and Nordex-Acciona Windpower.An important group of SMEs also provide great added value for certain electronic components, such as blades, controls, bearings and gearboxes.

Navarra has been a pioneer in renewable energies due to:

Cradle of innovation

Navarra is also the “cradle of innovation” due to the many companies from the energy sector that have made the leap to international expansion after having consolidated their presence in Navarra.

 Navarra has the most relevant infrastructures and skills for the development of R&D for the sector: 

Renewable Energy Technology Centre. This is a technology centre that specialises in R&D and the promotion of renewable energies. It has cutting-edge technological infrastructures, such as the Wind Turbine Test Laboratory, which is the only one of its kind in the world.

Leading National Centre for Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency. It was the first initiative of its kind in Europe for vocational training for this sector.

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Major planned investments

The main renewable firms are preparing large investments in R&D in Navarra.


Nordex has chosen Navarra for the production and design of hydrogen electrolysers.

Iberdrola and FCC

Iberdrola and FCC will host the first wind turbine blade recycling plant in Spain and Europe, with an investment of €10 M and the creation of one hundred jobs in a decade.

Acciona Energía

Acciona Energía will develop a green hydrogen production centre and a microgrid that combines solar, photovoltaic and wind energy to electrify industries that are “thermo-intensive”.

Iberdrola Renovables Energía

Iberdrola Renovables Energía has acquired a 6 MW wind turbine for the region, in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa.


CENER is working on a more effective high-temperature hydrogen production system, and on a next generation biofuel line.


MTorres is focusing on its own storage battery model.

Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa highlights the investment “of more than €400 million”, thanks to the Navarra R&D centre. Wind turbines with a new configuration and the design of wind farms ” for hybrid generation environments”.

Grupo Enhol

Grupo Enhol, is part of the 3R Circular Economy consortium, focused on repowering, which aims to promote “the refurbishment of components, the recovery of materials and land, as well as the recycling of ‘composites’ (plastics) used in the production of wind turbines”.

Some sector companies

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BSH Spain

Since its arrival in Navarra in the 1970s, BSH has become one of the most emblematic companies in the region. Today the German group employs 4,400 people in Spain, of which nearly 1,200 work in the two production plants that the company has in the autonomous community.

Florette Ibérica

Florette is one of the best known brands of Navarre origin worldwide. Its founders opened up a new market niche at the end of the 1980s by creating disruptive products such as packaged salads.
Other sectors

Automotive industry

Navarra, a strategic enclave for the automotive industry. This sector represents around 25% of industrial GDP in Navarra, which represents 30% of GDP of the Autonomous Community of Navarra.


Navarra is one of the leading ecosystems in agrifood in Spain. It is located in the Ebro Valley, and promotes and facilitates innovative processes being developed by the sector, thus improving its activity.


Navarra is at the forefront of personalised medicine in Europe, with a competitive health sector capable of launching innovative and accessible solutions to health challenges on the market.


Through Big Data and artificial intelligence, Navarra is committed to becoming a benchmark in digital transformation and innovation both in the public and private sectors, as well as at academic level.