Navarra is one of the leading ecosystems in agrifood in Spain. It is located in the Ebro Valley, and promotes and facilitates innovative processes being developed by the sector, thus improving its activity.

Navarra is one of the leading agrifood clusters in Spain

Navarra has a high-quality and innovative agrifood industry that is committed to the region, being recognised as a European benchmark.

With an annual turnover of €4.5 billion, plus 1.€129 billion from the primary sector, Navarra provides a solid agrifood base that practically covers the entire value chain, from the primary sector to the agrifood industry.

The agrifood sector is the second largest area of Navarra’s economy, representing 5% of total regional GDP and 14% of industrial GDP. It is a dynamic sector where exports of Navarra’s agrifood products account for 12% of all exports, a growing annually by 40% since 2014 and exceeding other sectors in Navarra.

The sector is composed of a wide variety of companies, some of which are recognised internationally:

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Why invest in this sector in Navarra?

High production capacity

Easy access to raw materials in the Ebro Valley and 55,000 more hectares of high-quality irrigated land with no energy costs and a high level of concentration of ownership facilitate production.

Specialised industrial estates

We have specialised industrial estates for the agrifood sector. The Agrifood City of Tudela (CAT), a unique initiative in Europe with one million square metres for the food processing sector with centralised services in a strategic location.

Several consolidated industrial estates house agrifood industries in the Ebro Valley.

Direct access to the Spanish market

Our connectivity and the high quality of transport and logistics infrastructures make it very easy to launch on the Spanish market.

Qualified employees

Qualified employees with technical and academic training for the food and agriculture sector, ranging from basic training to postgraduate degrees.

An end-to-end innovation ecosystem

Technology centres, research institutes, clusters and universities, together with public-private partnerships between science, industry and the government, make Navarra a leader in agrifood innovation and the creation of new lines of growth in the sector.

The National Centre of Food Technology and Safety (CNTA) works hand to hand with the agrifood sector to establish new lines of quality, technology, safety and innovation in food. It focuses mainly on five large areas: research, development and innovation (R&D&i) in food; analytical control of food products, assistance with the process, quality management systems and food safety; technical training and consulting.

The Institute for Agrifood Technology and Infrastructures of Navarra (INTIA) provides specialised infrastructures for:

Food Sciences Institute of the University of Navarra: the extensive experience of the university in pharmaceutical development is directly applicable to nutrition research, providing a multidisciplinary platform that covers the entire process necessary for developing nutraceutical/functional foods.

Agrobiotechnology Institute (IAB): it is a joint centre, co-owned by the Public University of Navarra (UPNA), the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Government of Navarra. The centre specialises in various areas of biomedical research.

 The Institute for Innovation & Sustainable Development in the Food Chain (IS-FOOD) seeks to produce, innovate and promote safe, sustainable and healthy food, working in 5 large areas: Soil, water and input management, Primary production, Food innovation; Food consumption, nutrition and health and Business management.

IS-FOOD organises its research into three major areas: the challenge of human food requirements in the 21st century, sustainable production and food quality, and Agrifood innovation.

Orizont is an innovation driver for the agrifood sector that looks for solutions to innovation challenges faced by large companies across Navarra.

NAGRIFOOD is an agrifood cluster in Navarra with more than 80 companies, which aims to align the sector with European innovation and sustainability policies, and detect opportunities for all actors across the value chain

Some sector companies

Latest agrifood news

BSH Spain

Since its arrival in Navarra in the 1970s, BSH has become one of the most emblematic companies in the region. Today the German group employs 4,400 people in Spain, of which nearly 1,200 work in the two production plants that the company has in the autonomous community.

Florette Ibérica

Florette is one of the best known brands of Navarre origin worldwide. Its founders opened up a new market niche at the end of the 1980s by creating disruptive products such as packaged salads.
Other sectors

Automotive industry

Navarra, a strategic enclave for the automotive industry. This sector represents around 25% of industrial GDP in Navarra, which represents 30% of GDP of the Autonomous Community of Navarra.

Renewable energies

Navarra is a European benchmark in the production of Renewable Energies, as it is the cradle of wind energy in southern Europe and is committed to new types of technologies and energy vectors, such as green hydrogen or the production of batteries.


Navarra is at the forefront of personalised medicine in Europe, with a competitive health sector capable of launching innovative and accessible solutions to health challenges on the market.


Through Big Data and artificial intelligence, Navarra is committed to becoming a benchmark in digital transformation and innovation both in the public and private sectors, as well as at academic level.