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Easy access to the richest and most industrialized countries in Europe.

Navarra stands at the crossroads of the two great logistic corridors in Spain: North-South (linking Paris and Madrid) and East-West (Bilbao-Barcelona), providing access to the Spanish and European markets, with more than 100 million consumers.


Navarra has a modern and well-developed road network. The border with France to the north is crossed by a number of highways that provide easy and fast access between Spain and the rest of Europe. In Navarra 53.7 kilometers of road have been built per 100,000 inhabitants, while the average in Europe is 17.8 km.


The fast Alvia train links Pamplona with Madrid in less than 3 hours and Barcelona in 4 hours. In 2022 the railroad system of Navarra is expected to be integrated into the European rail network. The new high-speed line will cross Navarra. This new infrastructure will connect the existing high-speed lines (Seville-Madrid / Zaragoza-Barcelona) with the “Basque Y” (the connection to the European high-speed network).


Navarra is located between the two main Spanish ports: Bilbao (159 km) and Barcelona (434 km). The Port of Bilbao is one of the biggest transport and logistics centers in the European Atlantic Arc. Its main markets include the United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries.


There are 5 flights a day from Pamplona (Noain) to Madrid (Barajas) airport, 2 flight a week to Canary Islands and 8 flight a week to Frankfurt (Germany) to connect with international destinations. The international airports of Bilbao, Zaragoza and Biarritz are less than two hours’ drive from Pamplona, with Bordeaux airport three hours away. The main cargo airports near Navarra are Vitoria (97 km to the west) and Zaragoza (182 km to the south-east). These two airports are in third and fourth place respectively in the list of the main cargo airports in Spain.

Intermodal Terminal

Navarra also has an Intermodal Terminal at Noain (TIN), a logisitcs center for goods connected by train to the BEST (Barcelona Europe South Terminal) container terminal in the Port of Barcelona. It is considered one of the most modern and efficient maritime terminals in Europe, together with the Port of Bilbao. This infrastructure, located in the Rail Logistics Center at Noain (7 km south of Pamplona), has road links to the transport system of Pamplona and other cities in the north of Spain (Zaragoza, Irun, Logroño, Bilbao, etc.). Hence its intermodal nature, as it integrates road and rail operations.

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In terms of accessibility, thanks to a unique geographical location that facilitates
communications to other national and international markets.


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Avda. Carlos III, 36, 1ºdcha.
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