Why Navarra?

More than 125 multinational companies have chosen Navarra as their location.



High level of
economic development

Industrial sector

Relevant (30% of regional GDP), diversified (renewable energies, agrifood, equipment and machinery) and internationalised (trade coverage ratio of 186 with more than 125 multinational companies in the area.

4,500 direct jobs of VW, production of the Polo model for the global market and second model awarded.

Services sector

High quality, particularly in Higher Education and Health.

  • Public University of Navarra: more than 9,000 students and 23,000 graduates of engineering.
  • University of Navarra: the most important private university in Spain, 13,000 students, 14 schools and faculties, a university clinic and an applied medical research centre with 400 researchers.

R&D sector

Committed to investment in R&D (1.90% of GDP according to the National Statistics Institute [INE] for 2020, the latest information available, third region in Spain), lead by the private sector (67.7%).

  • Two national centres for technological transfer in the region.


Highly-qualified and focused on science and technology (ranked 19 out of 271 EU regions).


Excellent geographical accessibility and proximity to Europe

Quality of life

A region with a high standard of living that is able to accommodate foreign talent

Macroeconomic developments

They exceed the national average



Unemployment rate 2021 10.1% 12.9%
GDP per capita €31,024 €25,500
S&P credit rating AA- A+


The strong industrial sector, dynamic business climate, clear commitment to innovation and to our people and area make our region a very attractive place for investment.

Advanced, industrial and open economy

As a small region in Spain, Navarra has one of the most advanced and competitive economies in the country.

Strategic location

Navarra is at the crossroads of two key Spanish logistics corridors: North-South, (connecting Paris and Madrid) and East-West (connecting Bilbao and Barcelona), giving access to the Spanish and European markets, with more than 100 million consumers.

Leader in innovation

In terms of innovative regions, Navarra is the leader in innovation and technological transfer in Spain.

Talent and high productivity

Companies invest and re-invest in Navarra because of its excellent levels of education and the high productivity capacity of its labour force.

Own and separate tax system

Navarra has a high level of autonomy, which allows it to have its own and separate tax system, which focuses on stimulating productive investments.

Quality of life

Navarra is one of the Spanish regions with the best national indicators in terms of social well-being, access to services and standard of living.