Beeplanet, Iberdrola Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


As part of its Supplier of the Year Awards in Spain 2022, the electricity company recognized the Navarra-based startup for developing “a scalable product that accelerates the deployment of fast charging points”.

Beeplanet from Navarra was recognized at the Supplier of the Year Awards in Spain 2022 promoted by Iberdrola. Specifically, the Navarra-based startup received the award in the category of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, distinguishing its model focused on the installation of second-life batteries (circular economy) in recharging points. “It has developed a scalable product, which allows accelerating the deployment of fast charging points,” Iberdrola said.

Beeplanet was one of those selected in awards that recognized eleven companies collaborating with the company “in the development of its strategy towards a decarbonized economy, based on its investments in renewables and distribution networks, increasingly intelligent, large-scale storage projects and the commitment to innovative solutions for its customers”. The awards consist of eleven categories, which recognize companies for their focus on innovation and competitiveness, diversity and equality, occupational risk prevention and quality, sustainability, job creation and internationalization.

With these awards, Iberdrola “recognizes the key role of the value chain in the achievement of the group’s strategic projects, underlines the importance of creating an ecosystem of suppliers working with the same objectives and reiterates the commitment to encourage business management in aspects such as sustainable development, safety and quality, innovation, internationalization and job creation”.