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Fabrica Rockwool Caparroso

Rockwool Peninsular is the Spanish subsidiary of Rockwool Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of volcanic rock wool (for thermal , noise and fire insulation), founded 75 years ago in Denmark. Nowadays, the company employs more than 10,000 people in over 30 countries and has 25 factories in Europe, America and Asia.

The group opened its first sales office in Spain in 1989, in Barcelona, as a result of the growth potential of the Spanish market. The market grew as expected, and its evolution led the company to invest in a new production facility in our country.

As a result, its twenty-third factory in the world – and the only one in Spain – was opened in 2001 in the municipality of Caparroso (Navarra). Construction work on the plant started in 1999 and the facility represented an investment of 76 million euros and the initial creation of 117 direct jobs. Annual investments of 1.5 million euros are currently being made to improve working conditions and incorporate better technology into the production process.

In 2014, Rockwool Peninsular earned over 58 million euros with a workforce of 156 people

What reasons did the company led to invest in another location?

The project for a new Rockwool factory responded to a clear objective: to guarantee the supply of the company’s products to the Spanish and Portuguese markets (the first an emerging one and the second showing very good potential) and also the French market (mature, sustainable and growing year on year due to national regulations).

the location of the new plant had to be in a region that had good communications infrastructures to be able to supply products to the three markets and it had to have a skilled workforce, in addition to having sources of raw materials near the factory.

Why did the company invest in Navarra?

The self-governing region of Navarra complied with Rockwool’s geographical requirements for its factory (for example, proximity to France). Navarra also provided other elements considered essential by the company, such as the region’s serious and dynamic image abroad and the role played by its institutions, which provide support and advice and add synergies. The high level of qualification of the people of Navarra (a region with prestigious universities and vocational training centres) was another decisive factor.

Throughout the process, the support and involvement of Sodena was considered vital by the Group. Sodena helped Rockwool from its first contacts with Navarre to the definitive start-up of the plant in the region. Among the services Sodena provided were consultancy on the quality and costs of the business environment in Navarra, the region’s fiscal advantages and possible locations. It also coordinated contacts with the regional administration to facilitate the granting of permits and licences.

Director Técnico Rockwool

As a multinational we consider our experience in the region very positive, we perceive Navarra as a dinamic and nonconformist region that is constantly reinventing itself in order to improve and give the best of itself, as in the case of Rockwool

Institutions in Navarra will work together to help and support your business. Geographically Navarra is well located, the honest and hardworking character of its people, together with its high professional skills, makes it a very interesting place to invest in.

Jose Manuel Carpintero
Director Técnico de Rockwool




The Rockwool Group started its activities in Spain with the opening of a sales office in Barcelona, reporting to Rockwool Isolation, S.A. (France).


Rockwool Ibérica, S.A. was set up as an independent company from the French operation


Construction work started on a new production facility in Caparroso (Navarra)


Rockwool’s plant in Caparroso opened. Rockwool Ibérica changed its name to Rockwool Peninsular.


A project to extend the capacity of the production line was implemented, with an investment of 5 million euros and an increase of 17 people in the workforce.

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