Navarre-based startup Health Training Lab creates the first app that combines exercise and nutrition for diabetics

  • The Sendo Diabetes app creates a personalized nutritional plan tailored to the needs of each patient through artificial intelligence and statistics.

  • It also comes with a personal health coach who guides users to acquire better habits and improve their physical condition while keeping glucose levels under control.

The Navarra startup Health Training Lab has promoted the first mobile application aimed at diabetics that combines physical activity with dietary suggestions to improve health. The Sendo Diabetes app drafts a personalized nutritional plan adapted to the needs of each patient through the use of artificial intelligence and statistics.

In addition, the app has a personal health coach, who guides users to acquire better habits and improve their physical condition while keeping glucose levels under control. These are very important factors in dealing with diabetes, a chronic disease that affects more than five million adults in Spain.

The mobile application can be linked to accessories such as smart watches or cardiovascular bracelets. This functionality makes it easier to obtain the data and statistics with which Sendo’s nutritionists, doctors and physical trainers monitor key patient indicators. In addition, this information facilitates the relationship between doctors and patients, as specialists “will have data and accurate statistics on the condition of each patient, allowing them to accurately monitor the evolution of their condition”.

At the forefront of technology

The management of the information that makes it possible to personalize the plans is carried out thanks to a proprietary algorithm, which places the Navarre-based company “at the technological forefront of the healthcare sector”. It is the artificial intelligence used by Sendo that “creates plans adapted to each user and makes it possible to follow their evolution by adjusting the guidelines according to the individual’s health and physical condition”.

Sendo Diabetes aims to grow exponentially from its first steps in a Spanish market where more than five million adults are affected by diabetes. According to data from the International Diabetes Federation, in Spain alone there are 5.1 million Spanish adults suffering from this chronic disease. In addition, the institution estimates that nearly 30% of cases are still undiagnosed. The creators of Sendo Diabetes have initiated a collaboration with the Navarra Diabetes Association (ANADI) to test the functioning of their application.