Malt producer Intermalta installs more than 2,000 photovoltaic panels to meet its energy needs


The company Intermalta, based in the Navarre town of San Adrián, has installed more than 2,000 solar panels to cover its energy needs and as part of its commitment to sustainable development. The company, dedicated to the production of malt for beer brewing, inaugurated this park on June 30.

This initiative provides the brewery with 12,000 m2 dedicated to the generation of renewable energy, which represents approximately 12% of the malting plant’s annual electricity needs. It is also estimated to reduce emissions by 685 tons of CO2/year.

“This photovoltaic project is the first of a series of initiatives aligned with our sustainable development objectives and we will continue to invest in the coming years in green energy self-consumption projects in all our production centers,” said Carlos Álvarez, general manager of Intermalta.

The project comprises 2,092 solar panels, which would supply 525 homes annually.

About Intermalta

Intermalta started its activity in 1977 in the municipality of San Adrián, Navarra, with the vocation of supplying beer producers in Spain. Today, with three plants in the country, the company has positioned itself as a leader in the sector thanks to its commitment to innovation and the choice of raw materials of the highest quality.