Fundación Repsol and the University of Navarra promote knowledge of hydrogen as an alternative energy source

A: Jesús Caso
F: 30-11-2023
L: Pamplona
T: Unav. Foro Repsol.

The commitment between the two entities is part of the Fundación Repsol Chair of Energy Transition at the University of Navarra. Its presentation was attended by the Rector of the University of Navarra, María Iraburu; the Chairman of Repsol, Antonio Brufau; the Regional Minister for Industry and Ecological Transition and Digital Business of the Government of Navarra, Mikel Irujo; and the Mayoress of Pamplona, Cristina Ibarrola. The Navarre Industry Association (AIN) and the Navarre Chamber of Commerce also collaborated in the event.

Antonio Brufau highlighted Repsol’s commitment to a fair energy transition that ensures Europe’s autonomy. For this to happen, in his opinion, it is essential that the Old Continent “stops losing competitiveness against other regions and begins to function as an integrated market. Without similar industrial, energy and tax regulations in all member states, companies will not be able to compete on equal terms”.

For her part, the Rector of the University of Navarra, María Iraburu, welcomed agreements between the business and academic worlds because it allows them to carry out research “in areas whose transfer has a positive impact on society”. “One example is this Chair, since green hydrogen, due to its relevant role in decarbonisation, can contribute to responding to the energy challenges we face,” she added.

During the event, the Director of the Energy Transition Chair, Tomás Gómez-Acebo, explained that “hydrogen is like a Swiss Army Knife that can be used for almost anything. Wherever energy is needed, it is possible to think of applications for this vector and there is enormous expectation with its development plans, from the point of view of production, transport and its use”.

At the conference, several experts also analysed the possibilities of implementing hydrogen as a new energy vector. They also discussed some of the distribution and transport solutions on which the Spanish multinational oil company is working.