The ICT sector is the one that has grown fastest in recent years and is the key factor in the economic development of advanced countries, both for itself and to improve the development of other sectors.

Navarra does not have a great tradition in this sector but has a prestigious university and leading companies in some areas such as Internet Security, GIS, Open ERP in software and financial applications.

The ICT sector in Navarra can be considered relatively young. 86% of the companies have been set up in the last 15 years and 67% in the last decade. 26 companies have a track record of over 25 years and only one has reached 30.

The transversal nature of ICTs means that the sector is also essential for the development of othe strategic sectors (e.g. Smart Grids” in energy, networks of sensors in Agro Sector applications, or E-Health).

The centers specializing in biomedical research need particular ICTs. This sector is considered a prime one for these applications, so a greater understanding of its needs is required, as is identifying the most suitable products for it.

There is great demand for ICTs products in the renewable energy sector, ranging from scientific software for web development, monitoring systems, ERPs, etc. There are specialized companies in this sector in Navarra, or have some specific products.

The availability of ICTs in Navarra is particularly competitive in the case of control and regulation systems applied to the renewables sector and geographic information systems. Both areas require specific systems, and these are being created by Navarrese companies that have taken advantage of the market niche to acquire experience and extend their services to other regions.

The Association of ICT Companies of Navarra (ATANA) is a nonprofit business association founded in 2002. It represents and defends the interests of the ICT sector in the region before public and private bodies at local, narional and international level and society in general. ATANA is also an active creator of opportunities for its member companies, promoting research and training and developing the sector in the internal and external markets.

ATANA is the biggest association in Navarra in terms of work and familiarity with technologies for each area. It has more than 70 member companies that develop, carry out research, produce and/or market ICT products. These member companies employ almost 1,450 people.


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