The Flamasats and Nordex Electrolyzers projects are declared “projects of foral interest”.


Both initiatives will involve a total investment of 107.23 million euros and will generate 465 jobs in Aoiz and Barásoain, respectively. The Flamasats plant already has a name: “Aoiz Technics”. The other initiative envisages an investment of 69.23 million euros and the creation of 190 direct jobs by 2028.

The Government of Navarra agreed to declare the business initiatives proposed by Aoiz Technics, belonging to the Flamasats group, and Nordex Electrolyzers, in Barásoain, to be “projects of foral interest”. Both total 107.23 million euros and will generate 465 jobs in rural areas. Thanks to this declaration, the administrative procedures have been halved and at the same time they have been given “a preferential and urgent boost” to speed up the installation and start-up process.

In the case of Aoiz Technics, the regional government took into account the group’s investment of 38 million euros and the creation of between 175 and 250 jobs. Specifically, the project will be developed in four phases. The first, “already completed”, consists of the purchase of the land and the industrial building. Subsequently, the activity licence will be applied for, the facilities will be adapted to their new use and, finally, the machinery required for manufacturing will be acquired.

The Barásoain project is led by the Spanish division of Nordex and involves the development of an electrolyser, i.e. a device that breaks down the hydrogen molecules in water for energy use. The planned investment is 62.93 million euros and its promoters plan to create 190 direct jobs by 2028.


Source: Navarra Capital