3PBiovian, a leading European CDMO for biologic medicines, is born in Navarra


3P Biopharmaceuticals and Biovan, two leading biotechnology and Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) organisations, are behind this initiative. They aim to further expand their value proposition to address the complex drug development needs of their customers throughout the entire production cycle, from early to commercial stages.

Thanks to this alliance, 3PBiovian will become one of Europe’s leading independent bio-CDMOs, with annual sales in excess of 75 million euros. In that sense, 3P Biopharmaceuticals and Biovian have experienced steady double-digit growth in recent years, and this organic growth will support the development of their combined business in the future. With more than 500 professionals and a manufacturing facility of 15,800 square metres, one of which is located in Navarra, the group is now ideally positioned to respond effectively to growing market demand.

In addition, its comprehensive offering will span multiple platforms (microbial, mammalian cell-based, adenovirus, adeno-associated virus, cell therapy and plasmid) and offer improved production scale and flexibility across a wide range of bioreactor sizes. This full range of services will target a global biopharmaceutical customer base seeking established technical-scientific expertise, premium quality and exceptional customer service.

3PBiovian will also have an international Board of Directors, which includes leading international experts from the global CDMO industry, to support the company in its new phase with their expertise and strategic vision:

  • Uwe Gottschalk, based in Germany, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of bioprocess and protein purification technologies, with previous roles as CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) and CTO (Chief Technical Officer) at Lonza Pharma as well as Group Vice President at Sartorius.
  • Stefan Stoffel, based in Switzerland, with more than 30 years of experience in engineering, operations and internationalisation of CDMOs, having been part of the Executive Committee and COO at Lonza.
  • Tom Ransohoff, based in the US, with more than 30 years of entrepreneurial and professional experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, including a Technical Head of Biologics at Resilience, following the acquisition of 4th Dimension Bioprocess, which he co-founded.


Following this period of support to the two management teams over the last 5 years, Keensight Capital will continue to help the Group consolidate its global leadership position by contributing its 20 years of healthcare experience and its highly international network. In this regard, ERES IV, advised by Elyan Partners, and Sodena, will remain minority shareholders alongside Keensight, maintaining their investment in the Group.

Source: 3pbio.com