VW Navarra to invest 52 million euros in new key press for electric vehicle production

A* Jesús Garzaron
F* 2023_10_06
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L* Navarra Arena

The German manufacturer announced that it will allocate 40.15 million euros to the construction of facilities and an additional 12.35 million euros in civil works. All of this is part of a plan to convert its Pamplona production centre into a “multi-brand electric car factory” from 2026. In this regard, its managers confirmed that they have already completed the construction of the so-called Assembly ‘canopy’ and are executing the 5,000 square metre extension of the body shop building, with a planned investment of 12 million euros.

The new PXL type press will complement a similar installation and another GT1 already installed in Pamplona and will replace a third one that goes by the name of GT2. This new line of activity has a stuffing force of 2,100 tonnes and will consist of five operations. The loading of parts into the container will be automatic, according to Volkswagen itself.

In this way, the increased stamping force of the new press will make it possible to produce increasingly demanding parts in terms of rigidity and robustness. These will be used exclusively for the production of body elements for the new electric cars from 2026 onwards. In any case, to accommodate the new press, the current hall will be enlarged, as its dimensions are larger than those of a GT, which means that the machinery will have to be moved, according to those in charge of the Navarre factory.

Following this resolution, the executive committee of Volkswagen Navarra stated that “the new press is a success that is the result of the joint work carried out by the management, the works council and the factory’s technical teams”. Furthermore, they added that “it means taking another firm step on the road to electrification, which ensures self-sufficiency from 2026 and, therefore, consolidates the plant’s industrial project”.

Source: Diario de Navarra