Rioverde earmarks 2 million euros to reactivate its Carcastillo factory


The project being handled by the Riojan pickle and olive company includes maintaining 70 jobs. It will also centralise the production of almost one million kilos of chilli peppers produced by farmers in the area. “Its location as well as the space it offers us of 55,000 square metres, 17,000 of which are usable, opens up an enormous range of possibilities”, confirmed those in charge of the agri-food company.

Comercial Rioverde acquired the old Conservas Bajamar installations in Carcastillo last summer. “To say Navarre in the rest of Spain is to talk about its vegetables. Bajamar is there, it already has a name and our intention is to promote it. We are not going backwards, nor are we going forward”, said its Managing Director, Rafael Torres, explaining the role that the Navarrese company will play in the immediate future of his company.

In this sense, Bajamar was not the only company recently bought by the Logroño-based company, which employs 135 people and which last year had a turnover of around 25 million euros.

They also acquired the La Mancha company ‘Calzada’ dedicated to the pickling of aubergines from Almagro. All this with the aim of increasing their production volume in order to be able to offer more products to reach new markets, apart from the national one. In the latter, they are leaders in the production of pickles and chilli peppers with more than 40 million glass jars produced, the majority of which are 180 grams.

Source: Diario de Navarra