Elaborados Naturales will invest 40 million euros in its new factory in Funes and create 400 direct jobs.

270324 Nueva planta Elaborados Naturales Funes (2)

The project, declared by the Government of Navarre as an “investment of foral interest”, aims to expand and improve the company’s current capacities. To this end, the future work centre will be built on a 51,600 square metre plot and will occupy a surface area of 18,000 metres. It will be equipped with 12 production lines for the production of potato tortillas.

“This project is an economic boost for the region and an opportunity to consolidate Funes and Navarre as benchmarks in the agri-food sector, with a positive impact on the regional value chain and a clear contribution to double transformation”. This was the opinion of the Regional Minister for Industry and Ecological and Digital Business Transition of the Government of Navarre, Mikel Irujo, when assessing the Elaborados Naturales initiative. Irujo also stressed that “the generation of new jobs in the area will benefit the entire chain of suppliers in sectors related to the activity”.

The construction of the Funes plant, in this sense, not only represents an improvement in its production capacities, but also a concrete contribution to the objectives and priorities established in the region’s S4 Strategy, consolidating its position as a key driver of healthy and sustainable food in Navarre.

Furthermore, the investment in machinery, facilities and civil works will boost the company’s production capacity while enabling the incorporation of advanced technologies, such as machine vision machinery, improving the efficiency and quality of the products produced. The significant increase in Elaborados’ capacity and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology in its area will provide an important opportunity for the company to contribute more efficiently to innovation in the agri-food industry.

Finally, job creation associated with the expansion of the project will strengthen the local labour base, providing employment opportunities for residents of Funes and surrounding areas. Specifically, the promoters’ plans are to generate direct employment in terms of operators and production staff and will drive indirect employment opportunities in related sectors, such as local suppliers of raw materials, logistics services and associated technology companies, generating a multiplier effect on the local economy.

Source: diariodenavarra.es