Navarra-based CNTA, Florette and CYC join forces to predict food demand with Artificial Intelligence


The three entities are launching the IA4Food project to enable companies in the sector to “optimize demand forecasting and planning processes”.

The Navarra-based entities Florette, the National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA) and CYC have launched IA4Food, an R&D&I project whose main objective is to “optimize demand prediction and planning processes in the food industry by applying Artificial Intelligence”.

“Thanks to this project, companies in the sector will be able to digitize production and distribution control processes, as well as optimize their decisions in purchasing, production planning, order delivery commitment and other decisions. All this in the current context, where instability and uncertainty are increasing,” CYC said.

The project is part of Alianzas Digitales 2022, a Navarran program of aid for the development of R&D&I projects. In this sense, the three entities involved in IA4Food have created “a climate of work, understanding and innovation that they want to continue strengthening and developing”. Each of them “brings a totally different and complementary knowledge, which combined guarantees the success of the project”.