The commercial refrigeration company Exkal will double its surface area after growing 70%

  • In 2008, they increased their surface area by a factor of three, and by 2.5 in 2020. However, the growth recorded by the company requires them to double their usable area again next year.

  • The company has requested land on which to build. In previous expansions, the Government of Navarre declared the project of regional interest.

Exkal (Exposición y Conservación de Alimentos), a company that manufactures and sells refrigerated furniture, plans to undertake major investments in its Navarre headquarters in order to continue its current growth process. After increasing its turnover by 50% in 2021 and by 20% so far this year, the company has begun the process of doubling the surface area of its facilities in the town of Marcilla (in the south of Navarre).

In 2018, the Government of Navarra already declared as an investment of regional interest a project of the company to acquire new land and build new production halls, purchase robotized machinery, create new lines to increase capacity and develop products aimed at new markets. Specifically, it involved an investment of 25 million euros and was completed in 2020.

About Exkal

Founded in 2005, this Navarre family business dedicated to the manufacture and sale of refrigerated furniture has appeared uninterruptedly in Cepyme500 since 2017. A list published every year by the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Cepyme) and that collects the companies of this type that grow the most in Spain.

Currently, the organization has among its clients giants such as Walmart, Aldi, Carrefour, Auchan, Casino or E.Leclerc. It also has commercial operations in Spain with Mercadona, Eroski, Supermercados BM and El Corte Inglés, among others. In only seventeen years of life, the company has achieved a turnover of over 100 million euros.