NUCAP, a company with Canadian capital, is looking for a platform for its globalization plan. Without a presence in our continent, the plant at Arazuri (Navarra) was the perfect springboard to deploy its brand, technology and capacity in the European market. It decided to acquire a company with origins in Navarra and integrate it into the multinational, go for growth to take up a position in the brake components market as an European benchmark, and increase its market share with innovative products, high-technology processes and better service than any other competitor, either local or farther afield. To achieve this, it is investing constantly in installations, machinery and equipment, together with training its human resources.

Jose Luis Ciordia
Vicepresident European Operations at Nucap Europe

Avda. Carlos III, 36, 1ºdcha.
T. (+34) 848 421942
F. (+34) 848 421943

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