The ambitious investment plans of the Arena Green Power group in Navarra


The renewable energy company plans to invest more than 450 million euros in the region between 2025 and 2026. Specifically, it plans to promote a total of 18 groups of wind and solar farms with an average installed capacity of 30 MW each. In this way, thanks to this type of initiative, Navarre will be closer to achieving the goal set out in its Energy Plan: that by 2030, 100% of the region’s energy supply will come from sustainable and non-polluting sources.

Once Arena Green Power has executed its investment plan, it will have a total installed capacity of 475 MW in Navarra, divided almost equally between solar (242 MW) and wind farms (233 MW). In any case, construction of all these production centres is scheduled to begin in two years’ time (2025) with the aim of being operational in the following year (2026).

The company, meanwhile, says it already has the connection points it will use to evacuate the electricity it generates. In this sense, most of its projects are already at various stages within the usual administrative process that applies to these initiatives. At the same time, Arena Green Power’s strategy includes the opening of an office in Navarra and the implementation of small and medium-sized projects (less than 50 MW) to minimise the environmental impact of its actions and promote the integration of its projects in the locations where they are located.

On the other hand, this company’s plans also include the application of innovative solutions such as hybridisation with energy storage plants. To this end, Arena Green Power is investing in various battery prototypes to address the challenge of managing intermittent electricity from renewable sources. In green hydrogen, meanwhile, includes the realisation of various connections in the Orkoien environment, very close to some of the most important industrial environments located around Pamplona, the capital of Navarre.

Source: Diario de Navarra