Ríos Renovables’ workforce grows 84 % in one year


The workforce of this Navarra-based renewable energy company now totals 240 employees, 110 more than in October 2021 and 150 more than at the end of 2020. Last year it connected 20 MW of photovoltaic self-consumption and developed another 70 MW through photovoltaic power plants.

Ríos Renovables Group has experienced great growth in recent years. At present, the company based in Fustiñana, in southern Navarra, employs 240 people, 84.61 % more than in October 2021, when it counted 130. And that was 44 % more than in 2020.

In 2022, Ríos Renovables also connected some 20 MW of photovoltaic self-consumption and developed another 70 through photovoltaic power plants. In this way, the firm currently operates and maintains a portfolio of installations totaling more than 400 MW and will develop projects to add another 300 over the next three years.

In this case, it has already closed the sales of two farms in Soria and Huesca to Amarenco, one of the three international renewable energy funds with which the Navarre-based company has a commercial relationship. At the same time, it is negotiating with “three or four others”.

In addition, among its new projects, the group has completed the construction of a building with eleven tourist apartments, conference room, kitchen and swimming pool. The initiative also includes the start-up of a new sports center in Tudela, which was inaugurated last April.

Investments in 2022

In addition, Ríos Renovables earmarked €2 million this year to expand its central facilities to increase its storage capacity and build a new office area. At the same time, it acquired a warehouse in Tudela’s Las Labradas industrial estate after being awarded the contract for the city’s public lighting services. This is a contract that will last fifteen years and which it plans to provide from its new headquarters. Moreover, this sustained growth has no signs of stopping given the firm’s high volume of business.