RenerCycle to invest 6.5 million euros to start industrial activity in 2025

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The company, made up of a dozen renewable energy companies and specialised in offering circular economy business solutions for the sector, announces upcoming investments of 6.5 million euros. Specifically, the project will require some 9,000 square metres of floor space initially for its start-up. In addition, having completed its second capital increase in less than a year, it is analysing, together with the Government of Navarra, the possibility of setting up in the Central Zone.

The circular economy company in the field of renewable energies, RenerCycle, is already working with the Government of Navarra to locate its wind farm recycling plant in the Central Zone. Specifically, according to those responsible, the facility will start its industrial activity in 2025, and will initially cover an area of 9,000 square metres. It will be dedicated to separating and recovering materials from wind farms that have completed their life cycle. RenerCycle’s target date coincides with the entry into force of the regulation that prohibits leaving wind turbine blades in landfills, which means they will have to be recycled. According to the company’s own estimates, by 2030, more than 500,000 tonnes of this material will need to be recovered, of which only 170,000 tonnes will be generated in Spain. The start-up of the new facility will also require an investment of 6.5 million euros. This was confirmed by the company itself, which has just completed its second capital increase in less than a year. Along with this decision, RenerCycle’s directors also approved the appointment of Javier Villanueva as Executive Director. Villanueva as Executive Director. RenerCycle’s partners are ten companies with recognised experience and international activity in the renewable energy sector.

The project promoters are Acciona Energía, RWE, Grupo Enhol and Enerfin (Elecnor Group); and the industrial companies are Nordex and Ingeteam. EIT InnoEnergy is acting as a strategic investment partner, in addition to the service companies Tetrace, EO6 Ingeniería and Abintus Consulting & Innovation, the latter as the initial promoter of the entire project.

Source: Navarra News