Nordex to allocate 3.4 million to the development of electrolyzers in Navarra


The PERTE for renewable energies, green hydrogen and storage contemplates 1.5 million euros in aid for this project, whose objective is to develop alkaline electrolyzers powered by renewable energies. In addition, the Government of Navarra has granted the initiative a subsidy of more than 485,000 euros.

The Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) specific on renewable energies, green hydrogen and storage (ERHA), approved with Next Generation EU funds, includes two projects in Navarra:the one to start up a green hydrogen plant in the Agri-Food City of Tudela (CAT), which will receive 2.8 million euros, and the one that Nordex Group has designed to develop alkaline electrolyzers powered by renewables, which will obtain 1.5 million.

According to the Government of Navarra, the Nordex Group project aims to design and manufacture alkaline electrolyzers “capable of offering a good level of performance and durability, being connected to variable energy sources such as renewables”. In this way, the result will be “a new generation of electrolyzers”, which will develop an alkaline electrolysis mechanism “that works continuously and without oscillations in energy production”.

The total budget for this project is 3.47 million euros, of which 1.5 million euros are provided by the Next Generation funds through the approval of this PERTE. In addition, it has also received a grant from the Department of Economic and Business Development through the Energy Alliances call for the development of R&D projects. The amount of this grant is 485,343.11 euros through the initiative called H2ERMETIC. In this project, which will be developed over three years, the entities Industrias Laneko, Mecanizados Mecatec and AIN also participate.