Navarra presents its advances in green hydrogen at the ‘Hydrogen week’ in Brussels


Representatives from the Department of Industry and the Department of Ecological and Digital Business Transition presented two projects: the Tudela Agri-Food City project, which envisages the construction of a plant with an initial electrolysis capacity of 3.2 MW; and the Nordex initiative to manufacture electrolysers in Barasoain, which has funding of 30 million euros and the creation of 150 direct jobs.

The Navarre green hydrogen agenda is a roadmap drawn up by the Government of Navarre together with entities and companies from the renewable energy sector or those seeking new ways of decarbonising themselves, to develop this energy vector in our region. Its main objective is to install 150MW of green hydrogen production by 2030 in Navarre and to ensure that this energy source replaces 5% of industrial gas consumption by the same date.

This document includes six lines of action that are specified in developing and promoting renewable energies as the basis for the production and export of green hydrogen; favouring the development of the industrial value chain; fostering innovation and technological development; promoting production, distribution and consumption as an energy vector; facilitating the existence of a suitable regulatory and administrative framework and multiplying the potential through networks and alliances.

Together with the delegation from the aforementioned Department, headed by the Director General for Energy, Business R&D&I and Entrepreneurship, Uxue Itoiz; the representation of Navarra at the ‘Hydrogen week’ was completed with the presence of the companies Acciona, Acciona Plug, Nordex, Sakana Group as well as the entities AIN, Naitec, CENER and Sodena.