Navarra plans to invest 1,735 million euros in 19 projects of ‘foral interest’


Rockwool Peninsular, Los Alecos, Suno Energía, Nordex Energy Spain, Cinfa, Knorr-Bremse, Iberenova Promociones, Rypples Media, Red Eléctrica Española, GKN Ayra Servicio, Hydro Extrusion Spain, Frigoríficos Falcón, Vibracoustic Cascante, Energyloop, Ingeteam, Volkswagen Navarra, Eólica Montes del Cierzo and Acciona Plug are participating in an initiative that will generate around 3,500 jobs in the region.

The Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo, presented at a press conference the 1,735 million euros of investment planned in the 19 projects declared to be of ‘foral interest’ during the last term of office (2019-2023).

An initiative that will generate around 3,500 jobs in Navarra. The following companies will be involved: Rockwool Peninsular, in Caparroso; Los Alecos, in Tafalla; Suno Energía, in Corella; Nordex Energy Spain, in Barasoain; Cinfa, in Olloki; Knorr-Bremse, in Pamplona; Iberenova Promociones, in Peralta and Andosilla; Rypples Media, in Olaz; SKF, in Tudela; Red Eléctrica Española, in the Merindad de Estella; Gkn Ayra Servicio, in Carcastillo; Hydro Extrusión Spain, in Irurtzun; Frigoríficos Falcón, in Andosilla; Vibracoustic Cascante, in Cascante; Energyloop, in Cortes; Ingeteam, in Sarriguren; Volkswagen, in Landaben; Eólica Montes Del Cierzo, in Tudela and Cintruénigo; and Acciona Plug, in Rocaforte.

In the same speech, Irujo also gave an account of the 101 companies supported by Sodena, the public company dependent on the Government of Navarra, over the last four years. Precisely, this support meant the distribution of 76 million euros in aid distributed throughout Navarra, a figure that facilitated the creation and consolidation of a total of 5,225 jobs.

Among the latter, the Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development mentioned the cases of Flamasats and its new Clipper lighter plant in Aoiz; the forthcoming installation of Messer in the Miguel Eguía industrial estate in Estella, the wind turbine blade recycling plant of EnergyLoop in the town of Cortes de Navarra, and the start-up in Barasoain of a plant for the production of green hydrogen by Nordex Electrolyzer.