Navarra joins Future Fund to promote global energy transition in developing countries


Led by the Climate Group, the main purpose of this programme is to support the implementation of waste management projects, mitigation strategies and climate adaptation in countries such as Brazil, Gambia, Indonesia, India, Mexico and South Africa. The initiative will also be complemented by various actions aimed at promoting the decarbonisation of agriculture in order to promote a more sustainable economic model.

The Future Fund, on the other hand, is not limited to providing funding for the development of sustainable activities. It also promotes knowledge sharing among its members, as well as facilitating access to events related to the fight against climate change in various regions of the world. Its priorities include supporting the development of innovative policy solutions, participating in international negotiations and fostering intellectual collaboration.

The fund’s priorities include “supporting the development of innovative policy solutions to the problem of climate change to achieve active engagement with governments in emerging economy regions”. Along with Navarre, the governments of Scotland, Wales, the region of South Australia and the Canadian regions of Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are participating in this project.

The Future Fund programme, established in 2017 as part of the Under2 Coalition, is a joint effort of several governments that make annual contributions to finance green transition projects in emerging and developing countries. Meanwhile, the Under2 Coalition, created in 2015 by the governments of California and Baden-Württemberg, aims to drive climate action at municipal, state and regional levels around the world.