Navarra creates the “biggest ‘bush’ of the market” for offshore wind farms


Sakana S. Coop., a company from Lakuntza, leader in the casting of large parts in Europe, has been able to reach this milestone. Specifically, the piece in question is more than five metres high, almost six metres wide and weighs around 55 tonnes. This prototype has also required two years of work and an investment of 4.5 million euros to adapt its facilities.

The piece created by Sakana S. Coop. actually belongs to the V236 turbine that the Danish multinational Vestas intends to incorporate into its portfolio of products for offshore wind power generation. This was confirmed by its promoters in a report published by Navarra Capital.

In any case, its development was a challenge for the Navarrese company, especially in terms of logistics. “We had to carry out special work to transport it to the Port of Bilbao, with hydraulic suspension and to be able to lower it as far as possible to avoid the obstacles on the route”, explained its general manager, Jaime Urcola.

Thus, once these problems have been overcome and the necessary improvements have been made at the Lakuntza factory, the Navarrese company hopes to strengthen its commitment to the offshore sector. According to Urcola, the present and future expectations surrounding this activity make it “a fundamental pillar for the development of the energy industry”.

Source: Economía Social Navarra.