Millionaire investment for four renewable energy projects with 22 Navarre companies


Biohidrocal, E3LAB, R1 Wind and H2ERMETIC receive 2.4 million euros from REACT-EU funds. This amount represents 86.11 % of the available funds, and the total budget of the projects amounts to 4.5 million.

The resolution of the call for aid for the implementation of energy alliances of the Government of Navarra has been closed with a total of 2,436,081.50 euros from REACT-EU funds and the approval of four projects, whose total budget amounts to 4,545,908.53 euros. These will be developed by a total of fourteen SMEs, five large companies and three innovation centers in Navarra. A figure that represents a degree of execution of 86.11 % of the available aid (2.8 million).

The first of the projects is Biohidrocal. According to the Regional Government, it is focused on the research and development of a hydrogen generation system from raw bioethanol or biodiesel with a low degree of purity, for application in heating. Its budget is 1,002,471.61 euro, of which 571,965.38 euro will come from this grant. The companies that will develop it are Oleofat Trader, Viña Ebro and Mecacontrol, as well as the SINAI agent NAITEC.

The second project, E3LAB, will be based on the creation of a Living Lab for the development of sustainable energy technology in buildings, that is, an Energy Model for Buildings in Use. It will receive a grant of 661,095.70 euros to carry out this project, whose approved budget is 1,141,910.80 euros. The companies participating in the project are Servicio de Asistencia Técnica Eléctrica, Construcciones ACR, SAU, Consultoría y comunicaciones de Navarra, I3CODE Solutions and Asuntos y Gestiones. Two SINAI agents are also participating: the University of Navarra and CENER.

Another of the projects approved is R1 Wind, whose objective is to achieve an integral circular economy solution for wind turbine components close to dismantling. In this case, the participating companies are Frenos Iruña, Ingeteam, Mekatar Group, Sociedad Anónima de Preformados Metálicos, Industrias Navarras del Plástico Reforzado, EO6 Ingenieria, Tetrace and RenerCycle. The approved budget for this project is 1,329,599.91 euros, of which 717,677.31 will be aid from this call for proposals.

The last of the projects is H2ERMETIC. It will receive a grant of 485,343.11 euros and has an approved budget of 1,071,926.21 euros. Its objective is to develop assembly and closure strategies for an alkaline electrolyzer and will be carried out by the companies Nordex, Industrias Laneko and Mekatech.