Navarra-based CO2 Revolution disembarks in Silicon Valley


The initiative Desafía San Francisco, organized by ICEX and, will allow the managers of the Navarra-based startup to immerse themselves in the technological environment of Silicon Valley. In this way, CO2 Revolution begins a process of expansion, with which it expects “a remarkable growth” in 2023..

The Navarra-based startup CO2 Revolution has been selected among hundreds of candidates to participate in Desafía San Francisco, an immersion program organized by ICEX Spain Export and Investment and with the collaboration of the U.S. consulting firm Mind the Bridge and the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Los Angeles. The objective of the program is to scale their business model internationally and help the selected companies enter the North American market.

For the selected startups, the Desafía program consists of a preparation period, followed by an immersion program in Silicon Valley in order to scale faster. The on-site portion of the program includes two weeks of classes, workshops, meetings and visits to companies in the U.S. technology hub. Subsequently, participating firms will become part of an international network of founders, investors and companies with thousands of members.

To be considered, these companies must be established in Spain, have a scalable business model and have traction in terms of revenue and financing. In this way, the initiative has managed to raise some 230 million dollars (221 million euros) and generate around 3,000 jobs for more than one hundred companies.
With this program, CO2 Revolution begins a process of expansion that foresees a remarkable growth during the next year, both in terms of internationalization and expected profits due to the increase in demand.

The company plans to carry out a greater number of reforestations and forecasts a strengthening in the carbon credits market. To date, it has planted 1.5 million trees on more than 1,200 hectares, including this year’s reforestation campaign.

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