FCC and Iberdrola to invest 8.5 million in the blade recycling plant in Navarra


Located in the town of Cortes, in the south of Navarra, the first phase of activity is scheduled to begin in July 2024, with the creation of some 100 jobs “between direct and indirect”, plus an additional 50 in the construction and manufacturing phase of the equipment.

At its meeting this Wednesday, the Government of Navarra declared the project to create the first European plant focused on the recycling of wind turbine blades on an industrial scale to be of strategic interest. The initiative is being promoted by EnergyLOOP, in which FCC and Iberdrola have stakes, and the planned investment amounts to 8.5 million euro in two phases.

Institutional visit

Last week, an institutional meeting was held between the Government of Navarra and representatives of Iberdrola in the region. Among other things, the meeting highlighted how the company “had an economic impact of more than 380 million euros” in the region last year.

According to Iberdrola in a statement, in 2022 the company made payments of 264 million euros to more than 80 suppliers in Navarra, as well as investments of nearly 39 million euros.