Denmark’s Rose Holm chooses Navarra as the site for its first plant in Spain, with Enrique Iriarte at the helm


The manufacturer of fastening solutions for wind turbines, plate heat exchangers and other applications is owned by the Bokkenheuser family. Precisely, its owners have justified the transaction in view of the growing global demand for renewable energy. “Our ambition is clear: we want to contribute to this development by supplying more wind projects in southern Europe in the coming years,” they said. For his part, Enrique Iriarte highlighted the role played by the public company Sodena in attracting foreign investment such as that of Rose Holm to the region.

Rose Holm, a family-owned SME founded in 1953 and based in Copenhagen, has expanded its global presence with the opening of two highly automated plants in Denmark and the United States in the last four years. These new facilities supply bolts and threaded rods to the global wind energy sector. Now, the company is focused on establishing its next plant in Navarra with the purpose of manufacturing foundation bolts for wind turbines. A move that seeks to consolidate Rose Holm’s position as a key player in the wind energy market as well as to strengthen its relationship with customers in Southern Europe.

Christian Bokkenheuser, Enrique Iriarte and Ann Rose Bokkenheuser in Copenhagen

Enrique Iriarte, who has extensive professional experience in the energy sector, will be in charge of the strategic management of the new plant in the region. Iriarte expressed his gratitude for leading this industrial project, highlighting the importance of reconnecting with former colleagues and partners in the region. He also acknowledged the fundamental role of the Government of Navarra, especially through its public company Sodena, in attracting foreign investment and strengthening the industrial fabric of renewable energies.

In this sense, Sodena’s commitment to Navarra’s wind power sector was also highlighted by its managing director, Iñaki Larraya. “From the early days of the wind sector in the region to the present, Sodena has maintained its support for the development and growth of this strategic industry. This collaboration between companies such as Rose Holm and government entities such as Sodena reinforces the drive towards green transition and sustainable development included in the Smart Specialization Strategy (S4) maintained by this territory.