Construction of the first wind turbine blade recycling plant in Navarra begins

EnergyLoop Kick Off. Abril 24

The project, which was declared an investment of foral interest by the Government of Navarra in March 2023, will involve an investment of close to 10 million euros for EnergyLoop, in which FCC Ámbito and Iberdrola hold stakes. The work will take seven months and the plant will start operating at the end of this year. It will be built in two phases and will create some 100 jobs, both direct and indirect, plus an additional 50 in this first phase of construction and equipment creation.

The installation of this factory, a pioneer in its sector, represents a boost to the ecological transition and business competitiveness in Navarre, fundamental and strategic pillars in the double transformation that the region is undergoing through its Sustainable Strategy for Intelligent Specialisation (S4). The promotion of this type of project allows Navarre to position itself in the integration of key elements, such as circularity, in this transition.

Furthermore, from the outset the project has been supported by the Government of Navarre, through the public company Sodena. Specifically, in advising and accompanying the project until its start-up.

The new industrial complex will be dedicated specifically to the recycling of wind turbine blades and will be located on land owned by EnergyLoop on the industrial estate developed by the public company Nasuvinsa in the municipality of Cortes, some 120 kilometres southeast of the capital, Pamplona. The blades they will be working with are usually made mostly of composites (glass fibres, carbon and resins) which, once treated, are converted into waste for use as secondary raw materials in sectors as diverse as energy, aerospace, automobiles, textiles, chemicals and construction.