CITE 2023 will reinforce Navarra as the “renewable industrial territory” in southern Europe


Business leaders in wind energy, solar energy, storage and green hydrogen, including Michael Liebreich, one of the world’s leading experts in clean energy, will speak at the 3rd International Industry Congress of Energy Transition that will be held at the Baluarte Conference Centre in Pamplona on October 25th.

The 3rd International Industry Congress for Energy Transition (CITE 2023) will bring together professionals from wind energy, solar energy, storage and green hydrogen industries on 25th October at the Baluarte Conference Centre in Pamplona. Among the latter, the presence of Michael Liebreich, one of the world’s leading experts on energy transition, stands out. This was announced by Ana Goyén, president of Enercluster, the organiser of this biennial event, in which the Government of Navarra is collaborating, and which is sponsored by Acciona Energía, Enerfín, Ingeteam, Nordex Acciona Windpower, Ríos Renovables, EDP, Grupo Enhol, Laulagun Bearings, Sakana Group, ARPA Abogados Consultores, Leadernet, Nabrawind, RenerCycle, Iberdrola and Urgon. “As a renewable sector, the challenge and the opportunity ahead of us are enormous and we must prepare ourselves to meet them,” he said.
Specifically, Goyén explained the usefulness of a forum that will take place at a “key moment” in the global energy transition process and that can contribute to strengthening Navarra’s role as a hub for the sector in Southern Europe. In the current scenario, the EU’s recent decision to increase renewable energy targets to 45% of total energy consumption stands out. For this reason, Goyén commented that “it will be necessary to install 100 GW of renewables per year in the European Union alone”. In parallel, Spain is also about to update its National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC).
The combination of both factors, therefore, places the sector before three unavoidable challenges, in the opinion of the organisers of CITE 2023, which the president of Enercluster listed as follows: “to be able to grow (in renewable generation and electrification of consumption) at the speed that the decarbonisation objectives set require, to achieve profitability in all links of the renewable value chain, and to strengthen the local European industry”.
EITC 2023 is envisaged as “the meeting where leading members of the sector can share their views on the present and future of their industry”, in the words of the head of Enercluster. “Perhaps this year makes more sense than ever as the situation is very complex and will probably mark the near future of this activity, both in terms of the energy transition and its impact on climate change and the weight and potential of the European industry,” she added. More than 400 professionals from Spain and other European countries have already participated in the 2021 edition.



The 74-member renewable industry association of Navarra therefore considers that CITE 2023 is in line with and will enable it to reinforce its objectives, which include promoting growth, innovation and collaboration. “In short, to try to recover and intensify the attractiveness of Navarra for our sector”, confirmed Goyén.
Along the same lines, the acting Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo, recalled that the renewable energy industry represents more than 5% of the region’s GDP and is the second largest export sector. It also has a university system aligned with its needs, as well as a benchmark technology centre, CENER, based in the region. “Navarra has a complete ecosystem made up of two OEMs installed in the region and a highly qualified supplier park”, he stressed. To all these potentialities and advantages, he also added the presence of “unique” facilities such as the experimental centre in Alaiz or the Wind Turbine Test Laboratory in Sangüesa. “In short, we are a region with high qualifications, innovation, infrastructures and the presence of the entire industrial value chain,” he said.
On the other hand, in view of the current scenario of “full energy revolution”, Mikel Irujo listed some of the projects promoted by the regional government in the field of renewables. For example, he commented on the administrative authorisations granted that will double the renewable power installed in Navarra. He also mentioned the support given to a 300% increase in self-consumption from 2020 and the legislative package of aid and subsidies aimed at promoting and improving energy efficiency, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Our goal is to have at least 50% of the total energy consumed in the region from renewable sources by 2030,” he said. From there, the roadmap that has been drawn up includes support for new business niches such as green hydrogen and the recycling of wind turbine blades. All of this so that Navarra and its industry “continue to be pioneers in the current energy transition process”, said Irujo.



“We will be joined by one of the world’s leading experts on energy transition and clean economy: Michael Liebreich, founder of BNEF and opinion maker in the sector”, announced Kiko Maza, director of CITE 2023.
In addition, with a view to this year’s event, “the main novelty is the incorporation of solar, storage and green hydrogen into the wind energy theme,” said Maza. He also indicated that the intention of the meeting’s promoters is to “concentrate the talks on one day to make logistics easier for visitors from outside Navarra”.
He went on to say that the main strengths of the event would be that “there will be more networking spaces” and the “ambition of the event”.

As examples of the latter, he mentioned the CEO round table, which will address the challenges in the development of renewables, as well as the different discussion forums on the supply chain and its profitability; innovation in renewables; the relationship that the sector must maintain with society; the implementation of the circular economy; and the future possibilities around green hydrogen. “As a highlight, we will have two keynote speeches by major world references in the sector, such as the aforementioned Michael Liebreich,” Maza said.
Finally, the director of CITE 2023 pointed out that the target audience “is very varied”, as it ranges from professionals in the wind, solar, storage and hydrogen industries to renewable project promoters. It is also designed for professionals linked to the circular economy, the financial sector, legislators and regulators, educational and R&D institutions, specialised media, influencers and opinion makers. To all of them, Kiko Maza invited them to get more information and purchase the ticket to participate in CITE 2023 through the official website of the congress: