Fifty companies from Navarra join the Circular Economy Catalogue


The catalog, prepared by the Directorate General for External Action of the Government of Navarra in collaboration with Sodena and GAN-NIK, includes projects and companies whose processes, products or business models exemplify the transition to the circular economy.

The Government of Navarra presented the Catalogue of Companies in Circular Economy 2022, in the framework of the Navarra Zirkular business meeting. The catalog, prepared by the Directorate General of External Action, collects projects and companies whose processes, products or business models exemplify the transition to the circular economy” The document, which will be integrated into the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform website, is at the same time a useful tool for citizens as a whole for its informative nature.
The Navarra Zirkular initiative has set itself the objective of having at least 200 companies join the initiative by 2025, and together they will have to carry out around 75 circular economy projects. These may be individual or collaborative, on product eco-design innovation, reduction of the demand for resources or emissions, reduction and management of waste, or efficiency of processes or services.
Other proposed objectives are to analyze and diagnose a minimum of six value chains, offer information aimed at employment to 200 students and train a hundred workers from the public administration and companies.
Participating companies
Specifically, the companies that have already joined the catalog are divided into three groups.
Organizations in the technological cycle: Kudea Go, Plastic Repair System, SKF, Baku Barrikupel, Costura Poderosa, Dvelas Living Sails, Enneges, Traperos de Emaús Navarra, Beeplanet Factory, Equipos Diésel Remaned, GKN Automotive, Grupo Borg Automotive, Lizarte, Ecointegra, Solteco Madera Plástica, Envaplaster and Mavinsa.
Companies in the biological cycle: Foody’s Brotalia, Nutrinsect, Pentabiol, Trasa, Aislanat, Alimentos Sanygran, Almotech, Envirohemp, MOA Foodtech, Morlaco, Navarpluma, Salinas de Navarra, Tenerías Omega, Unice Toys, Zucami Poultry Equipment, Ingredalia, Isanatur, Oleofat Trader, Elkarkide, Bioinsectis, Dry Paving System, Josenea Bio and Pavimentos de Tudela.
Facilitating organizations: Bielas Extensibles, CO2 Revolution, Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, Greendur, Greentech, Inbiot, Kunak, Nucaps, Tracasa Global and Valsay.