Three Circular Economy and Green Energy projects will generate 240 jobs in Caparroso, Los Arcos and Sesma.


These are the initiatives of Han Iberia and Glide Energy, which together will allocate 46.7 million euros to expand their plastic recycling activities in Los Arcos and establish a future biomethane generation plant in Sesma, respectively. To these proposals must be added the proposal put forward by BeeCycle, the main purpose of which is the construction of a recycling plant for lithium-ion (Li-ion) electric batteries in Caparroso. The latter will involve an investment of approximately 18.5 million euros. Thus, apart from the employment figures, Navarre will benefit from a total investment of more than 65 million euros.

The Regional Minister of Industry and Ecological and Digital Business Transition, Mikel Irujo, has assessed the investments proposed by BeeCycle and Han Iberia as “in line with the objectives of the Regional Government to position Navarre as an exemplary region in terms of ecological transition, in line with the Sustainable Strategy for Smart Specialisation (S4)”. In the case of the former, moreover, “it connects with the axis of electric and connected mobility, which is prioritised in the same strategic plan”.

For its part, Glide Energy’s biomethane and biofertiliser generation plant “is directly linked to the Navarre Administration’s efforts to generate a green energy industry, “one of the six sectors that the S4 also seeks to implement between now and 2030”, added Irujo. In any case, the three investments “fit in” with the green business transition processes that European industry has to apply in accordance with the dictates issued from Brussels.

“This is definitely good news because, with its declaration of regional interest by the Government of Navarre, these investments open the doors to new market niches in an industry that is undergoing a positive transformation”, said Irujo.