These are Envaplaster’s plans for growth in staff and business


The Viennese manufacturer of plastic trays and packaging for the food industry plans to acquire a new extrusion line. Thanks to this acquisition, it plans to increase its workforce by 60% over the next five years and, by 2024, to grow by around 15%. All of this will be accompanied by an ambitious commercial policy that will extend throughout the Spanish and Portuguese peninsular market.

Envaplaster’s current development plans do not come out of a vacuum. They are a coherent response to the line of work of a company that has been the protagonist, in recent years, of important decisions in terms of obtaining resources and improvements to its facilities.

Thus, for example, in the last financial year 2022, the company extended its work centre located in the Navarrese town of Viana by 13,000 square metres and at the same time installed solar panels to improve its energy efficiency. At the same time, the Basque funds Stellum Growth and Stellum Food&Tech acquired 40% of its share capital. All this was reflected in the figures of a company that increased its turnover by 41.9 % in the last financial year after recording sales of 26.69 million compared to 18.81 million the previous year.

Along the same lines, the number of employees has increased proportionally from 80 to 127 (+58.7%) in the last five years. Therefore, in view of these figures and in statements to Navarra Capital, its sales and marketing director, Joaquín Canalejo, was optimistic about the future of Envaplaster. “In 2023 we hope to continue on this growth path. Our market is in full expansion and we are taking advantage of the moment by focusing on preparing the company for even greater growth in the coming years,” he indicated to explain the growth plans that his company is handling.

Source: Navarra Capital