The new Fagor Iron Foundry S. Coop boosts its global presence


The former Fagor Ederlan Tafalla changes its name as part of a process of socio-business transformation. This change, approved by its assembly, has turned it into a worker cooperative integrated into the Mondragon Corporation. The company currently employs 900 people and its production goes mainly to Europe (84 %), North America (10 %), South America (3 %) and Asia (3 %).

Tafalla Iron Foundry, S. Coop is the new name of Fagor Ederlan Tafalla following its socio-business transformation. This was approved by its 900 employees at its last assembly and its main aim is to boost the company’s global presence. To this end, the company has become a worker cooperative integrated into the Mondragon Corporation.

The reconfiguration also aims to turn Tafalla Iron Foundy, S. Coop into a technological benchmark in its sector at international level. It also aims to promote the development of new business units.

Currently, this factory is a foundry specialising in the manufacture of engine components for automotive, commercial and industrial vehicle applications. Most of its production is export-oriented, with its main customers in Europe (84 %), North America (10 %) and South America and Asia (3 %).

Specifically, major companies such as Deutz, Renault, John Deere and Perkins use products made by the Navarrese cooperative. The latter, incidentally, has already begun talks to expand its commercial portfolio with manufacturers of heavy machinery for construction, public works, the agricultural sector and transport equipment from Germany, England and the United States, among others.

Source: Noticias de Navarra