The German company Hahn Iberia will create 20 jobs in Los Arcos with its plastics recycling plant.


It is a multinational company with headquarters in the German town of Hunsrück that is coming to the Navarrese municipality thanks to the efforts of the Association of Companies of the Merindad de Estella (Laseme) and Sodena’s foreign investment attraction area, Invest in Navarra. The facility will be located on the La Perguita industrial estate in Los Arcos, on industrial land developed by the public company Nasuvinsa, and will complete an economic area in which firms such as Replasa, the Japanese multinational Kayaba (KyB) and the L’Urederra foundation are already working.

Hahn’s mission is “to be a world leader in the production of finished parts recycled from post-consumer plastics”. With more than 500 employees around the world, the company has already started the selection process for the first jobs at its Los Arcos factory, according to Diario de Navarra.

From there, the international group, which has been in the market for more than 30 years, has production centres in England, France, Canada, Italy and Germany. It also has a branch in Spain, specifically in the town of Irún in the province of Gipuzkoa. The future Los Arcos factory, therefore, will be the second facility of the German parent company in our country.

In terms of the type of products it develops, the company has a wide portfolio of manufactured products arising from a circular economy process. Precisely, the application of this methodology allows it to reuse discarded plastics to be reused in building and construction such as fencing and fences, paving or street furniture for parks, gardens and squares.

Source: Diario de Navarra