Ternua earmarks one million euros for the digitalization of its Etxalar factory

Rear view of hiking couple hiking along forest road, Monte San Primo, Italy

The sportswear group intends to increase its production to one million pairs of socks and 100,000 thermal sportswear items per year by 2026. Currently, the Navarre branch of this company employs 47 people and has a turnover of 3 million out of the 31.5 million it generates as a whole. In this sense, its managers expect to increase the turnover generated by the Etxalar factory to four million this year and to exceed five million in 2026.

In this respect, the Etxalar plant accounts for 10% of the group’s total production and the goal is for it to account for 20% in just three years. Ternua manufactures the rest of its sports equipment at production centers located in Portugal, Tunisia, Eastern Europe and Asia with which it collaborates.

The factory in Navarre, on the other hand, has a proven track record. In 1985, a group of seven entrepreneurs set it up as a cooperative as a self-employment formula. In those early days, its specialty was the manufacture of sports socks with three second-hand machines. The business, however, grew until it became a Limited Company in 1997, which, under the name “Industrias Savidai”, marketed its socks under the brand name “Lorpen”.

The good results of this “iconic” product among professionals and mountain enthusiasts led the company to diversify and enter into technical and specialized products. This step coincided, in 2001, with its move to a larger warehouse of 2,600 square meters, still in the municipality of Etxalar, where it employed a hundred people. Subsequently, in 2002, the public company under the Government of Navarre, Sodena, acquired 45% of its capital until it was bought in its entirety by Ternua in 2015.

Source: Diario de Navarra