Navarra-based Replasa expands into the United States with new subsidiary


The company, which has more than 55 years of history, recently announced the creation of Replasa Finished Metals in the United States. The project is part of its commitment to “growth, technological adaptation and greater internationalization”.

Replasa, a company specialized in the manufacture of plastic and metal coatings, recently held a meeting to inform its employees and partners of its main projects for the future and its latest milestones. At this meeting, the company announced that it is committed to “growth, technological adaptation and greater internationalization”. Specifically, its “big news this year”, as it defined it, is its leap into the North American market to open its third headquarters: “We are expanding with a new company in the United States: Replasa Finished Metals”.

The company has been in business for 55 years. In 2016, it began its expansion within the region. Along with its headquarters, located in Astráin (Navarra) and founded in 1968, it launched a new production center in the Perguita industrial park in Los Arcos. A project in which it invested more than five million euros.

At the same time, Replasa is one of the Navarrese companies that form part of the Apmex project. This initiative was created with the aim of analyzing commercial opportunities for the metal sector in Mexico. Promoted in September 2022 by the Association of Small and Medium Metal Companies of Navarra (Apmen), it is supported by the PIN (Navarra’s Internationalization Plan).