Pamplona, the Spanish city with the highest quality of life


This is according to the ranking drawn up by MWCC (Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture), which places Pamplona even ahead of more populous and important cities such as Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza, among others. Purchasing power and cost of living, accessibility to housing, environment, safety, health and traffic were the aspects evaluated by the authors of the study.

Thus, within the purchasing power and cost of living index, MWCC took into account the measured income of each population and its relationship with the cost of more than fifty goods and services. In this section, Pamplona was ranked as the municipality with the highest purchasing power, ahead of Madrid and León, which followed in the top positions.

On the other hand, the Navarrese capital shared with Ciudad Real and Valladolid the rating of “safest city” at the national level. It also obtained outstanding results in other variants that were also taken into account, such as traffic, health care and, especially, the link with care for the environment.

The latter indicator assessed the quality of air and water, cleanliness, noise levels, the amount of green space available, and the opportunities for the local population to enjoy the city. Once all these factors were taken into account, the Navarrese capital rose to first place above Segovia and Pontevedra, ranked second and third, respectively.