Navarra once again ranks among the top regions for its efficient management of human talent


The Talent Map 2023, drawn up by Cotec and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research, places the region as a national leader in talent retention. Its authors, in particular, after analysing more than fifty socio-economic indicators, highlight the region’s capacity (compared to the rest of the Spanish autonomous communities) to avoid the decapitalisation of personnel and their departure in search of other, better destinations.

Specifically, Navarre is the third region in Spain with the best management of its human capital. This leadership is based, above all, on its capacity to create the conditions that prevent the migration of its best-trained staff.

Thus, throughout its more than 200 pages, the Talent Map focuses mainly on some of the factors that have helped the Autonomous Community of Navarre to achieve this privileged position. These range from the sustainability of the system to the lifestyle offered, as well as other important factors such as the public investment made by the Regional Administration in social protection, environmental quality and health indicators. In each and every one of these areas, Navarre stands out from its leading competitors.

On the other hand, in addition to the elements mentioned above, the authors also value the commitment of the regional authorities to achieving sustainable development and a prosperous and dynamic community based on its Sustainable Strategy for Smart Specialisation (S4). They conclude that: “These findings reinforce the region’s reputation as an attractive destination for talented professionals” while consolidating it as a “national reference model” in the efficient management of human resources that, as a general rule, are very attractive for any business project due to their high qualification and professional training.