Navarra leads two European projects to reuse electronic waste and cool buildings naturally

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The RECYCLINK and ‘Recool’ initiatives have received, together, one million euros of the aid that the Regional Government grants to Agents of the Navarra R&D&I System (SINAI) and which this year has been increased with an extraordinary allocation of 16 million euros. For the Regional Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Patricia Fanlo, this type of work ‘contributes to the prestige and reputation of Navarre in the field of research and innovation worldwide’.

Fanlo made these statements during her recent visit to the L’Urederra technology centre located in the municipality of Los Arcos. Specifically, this institution specialises in carrying out R&D&I activities applied to the fields of nanotechnology, new materials and advanced environment.

In this way, L’Urederra is leading the RECYCLINK project, in collaboration with Naitec, Stirling Centre and the SINAI agent coordinator, ADItech. The programme, funded with a total of 577,585 euros by the Government of Navarra, focuses on the search for more environmentally friendly and safer methods for the recovery of high-value materials from electronic waste. Thanks to this development, it not only reduces environmental impact, but also promotes sustainability, while protecting public health and fostering the circular economy.

The Los Arcos technology centre is also carrying out research in collaboration with the University of Navarra and ADItech to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through the use of smart design and nanotechnology. In this context, through ‘Recool’, another project funded by the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation with 351,254 euros, a special coating is being explored aimed at cooling buildings naturally, which reduces the energy consumption used for air conditioning.

On the other hand, apart from the aforementioned lines of research, H2020 SUNRISE, MAREWIND and SUSAAN are three other European projects on which the centre is currently working, and which seek to improve the recycling of laminated glass with a special tool, facilitate the maintenance of wind turbines at sea through new coatings and develop coatings that eliminate viruses and bacteria on various surfaces, respectively. All of these, incidentally, are aligned with the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan of Navarre, and to which the Department of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation is contributing, incidentally, to boost and facilitate the presence of SINAI at European level.