Navarra has the best 5-star sustainable hotel in Europe


Arantza Hotela, located in the Navarrese town of Cinco Villas, was recently awarded the “GrINN 2023 Award” as ‘Best Sustainable Hotel in Europe’ in the 5-star category by Only Adults for sustainable tourism in Europe. This recognition comes after an exhaustive selection process that covered 51 countries of the Old Continent and more than 100 categories. Among them all, the Navarre establishment stood out for “being a pioneer” in sustainability and for applying “the best practices in the tourism industry”, in the opinion of the jury in charge of awarding the prize.

Alberto Madinabeitia Guereño has managed Arantza Hotela since it opened a decade ago. For this reason, he considers that the distinction he has received is an accolade for a project which, since its beginnings, “has always sought to guarantee a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and wellbeing and a high level of customer service”, he assures us.

At the same time, he recalls that this is not the first time that they have achieved a milestone such as the ‘GrINN Award’. For example, Arantza Hotela was the first 5-star hotel on the peninsula to be awarded the exclusive European ‘Ecolabel’.

For Madinabeitia, all that has been achieved is the result of the effort and commitment they have made to date. Thus, the menu of its gourmet restaurant includes mostly zero-kilometre products. Likewise, the orientation of the hotel is based on the indications of a dowser with the aim of providing guests with a space where they can “rest” rather than “sleep”.

Along the same lines, the three springs that supply water consume 100% renewable energy within a circuit that includes a filtration process designed to ensure maximum purification on its return to nature. And all this without forgetting that users and visitors have bicycles and electric vehicles for their journeys to get to know the place of unparalleled beauty in which this hotel is located.