Navarra-based company improves imaginery of the war in Ukraine

  • Tracasa, a public company of the Government of Navarra, makes available to interested entities and institutions images of the areas affected by the conflict in Ukraine that can be used for remote sensing.

Tracasa Global, a public company dependent upn the Department of Economic and Business Development of the Government of Navarra, is helping to inform and analyze the situation in Ukraine on the international scene by means of its Senx4 super-resolution imaging technology.

The firm has already delivered 50,000 km2 of super-resolved Sentinel-2 satellite images of the area of Ukraine, affected since the end of last February by the attack by Russian troops. The public company makes available to interested entities images of the area that can be used for remote sensing, with the aim of contributing to the information and analysis of the situation in the area.

Thanks to its SENX4 technology, the company is able to increase the resolution of the images of the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellites fourfold, from 10 meters per pixel in each image to 2.5 meters per pixel. This milestone in the field of super-resolution satellite images is possible thanks to the work carried out by the Navarre-based company using deep learning techniques.  That allows the company to improve all the metrics previously obtained in this field.

About Tracasa

Tracasa Instrumental is a company of the Government of Navarra created with the aim of promoting the development of technology and innovation in the region. With an operating income of more than 20 million euros and a staff of more than 450 highly qualified workers, Tracasa Instrumental contributes significantly to the modernization of Navarre’s society.