Navarra-based companies from the metal sector land in Mexico


The trade mission of several metal SMEs from Navarra seeks to create synergies and alliances and has achieved more than 40 direct contacts with business intentions.

The Navarra-based companies Mecanizados de Precisión Industrias Javer, Replasa Advances Material, Talleres Olaona, Trokelsa and Talleres Dispre have participated in the APMEX trade mission, promoted by the Association of Metal SMEs of Navarre (APMEN) with the support of the PIN (Navarre Internationalization Plan). They have visited Mexico with the aim of fostering synergies and alliances with local companies.

This business cooperation grouping brings together companies with complementary capabilities and technology that can provide services to auxiliary companies in the Mexican automotive sector.

APMEX’s commercial prospecting trip took place from November 6 to 15 and visited the cities of Querétaro and Mexico City. The consultancy firm Visiona, based in this country, facilitated the visits and meetings with companies from different fields, not only from the automotive sector. This approach broadens the possibility of offering different solutions to potential clients.

During the mission, meetings were held with Mexican companies such as Dana, ZF, ITP Aero, Siemens, Fagor, Samsung, MEK Group, Clúster Automotriz de Querétaro, CIE Automotive, Le Belier, Draxton, Gisederlan, Mondragon Assembly, Mabe Iruña Automation, Halmex, Kolbenschmidt, ISRI, Magna, UR Global and VW México.

APMEN explains that Mexico is open to buying from foreign companies. “The issues they have most valued about our companies in Navarra have been the quality issues, the certifications they have, the experience we have working in industrial companies, mainly in the automotive sector, etc. All this makes them see us as very qualified suppliers. At all times they talked about the safety in the quality of the final product”, they point out.


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