Microlan and Japan’s Hibiki Seiki move forward on common aerospace strategy


The collaboration aims to utilise and combine the production capacities of both companies. To this end, the main aim is to balance production loads and provide customers with a broad portfolio of manufacturing techniques. Likewise, through this alliance, Microlan plans to boost its internationalisation by entering the European market and expanding into Asia.

“They are looking for a European partner that will give them access to our market and allow them to subcontract surface treatments. And we could make the leap into the Asian market. In addition, Hibiki Seiki has already carried out a similar formula with a Canadian supplier, so the collaboration could be extended to the American market”, said Javier Etxeberria, CEO of Microlan Aerospace.

The commercial relationship between the two companies began within the framework of Space Tech Expo Europe, the aerospace sector fair held in Bremen last November. As a result of these contacts, the Japanese delegation visited Huarte’s facilities, with the close collaboration of the Department of Industry and Ecological and Digital Business Transition. The meeting was attended by the Minister Mikel Irujo, who stressed the importance of the industrial sector in Navarre, with a 30% impact on its GDP.

Also present at the meeting was Iker Chasco, managing director of Enercluster, who explained the situation and importance of the wind power sector in Navarre, as well as the notable growth currently being experienced in the development of solar energy, to members of the delegation interested in creating synergies for industrial collaboration in the field of renewables. “The delegation from Yamaguchi prefecture showed their satisfaction and gratitude for the visit and positively valued the possibility of creating synergies of industrial collaboration between the regions of Yamaguchi and Navarra,” indicated from Microlan Aerospace.

Source: noticiasdenavarra.com