Knorr-Bremse will increase its production in Navarra to 9 million pieces per year


The German multinational, specialised in the development and production of friction materials for the railway sector, is planning to set up two new production lines. Thanks to these new equipment, Pamplona’s factory will increase its production capacity by 66%. This investment forms part of the ‘project of interest” declared by the Government of Navarra in 2021.


Knorr-Breme has taken a decisive step towards consolidating its headquarters in Navarra. Thus, after having invested 25 million euros in this facility over the last few years, reinforced its 25 million in recent years, reinforcing its research staff and equipping it with a “unique” technology centre, those in charge of unique” technology centre, those in charge of the company plan to increase theirproduction to 9 million pieces per year.

To achieve this, these rectos will equip the factory with two new production lines and auxiliary facilities, which will be located in the current storage area.the current storage area. In this way, when the two lines are at full capacity, the factory will be able to Knorr-Bremse’s factory in Navarre will increase its capacity by 66 %. In this respect, the execution of this development is part of the “project of foral interest” declared by the Government of Navarre in 2021.
the Government of Navarre in 2021.

The Pamplona subsidiary is one of the three factories that German multinational has for the production of friction material, together with those located in Manchester (UK) and Chicago (United States). The brake linings, organic brake shoes and synthesised friction elements, which are produced in elements produced in the capital of Navarre are then applied in the railway network of Renfe, Euskal Herria Renfe, EuskoTren and Feve railway networks, as well as in the underground networks of Madrid, Seville and Bilbao. Likewise, part of this production is “mostly” destined to worldwide customers most of it to worldwide customers.

Source: NavaraCapital