Jofemar Corporación surpasses its all-time record turnover and operating result for the second year running


The business group based in Peralta (Navarra), which operates in the vending, electric mobility and energy storage industries, achieved gross turnover of 64.5 million euros and also improved its margins with an EBITDA of more than 10 million euros. These good results are largely due to the good performance of the domestic and European markets, as well as the notable growth of the company’s business in the United States, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Particularly noteworthy is the performance of its battery and renewable energy division, Jofemar Smart Energy, which tripled its turnover compared to the previous financial year.

Another of the levers of growth has been the commitment to innovation made by this Navarre-based company. Last year was marked by numerous launches, including the new range of coffee machines, which stand out for their design and the preparation of coffee beans on the spot, and the Vision V8, a vending solution for all types of products that ensures maximum adaptability to the product and use of the available space and incorporates a large product delivery lift and a spiral-free extraction system patented by Jofemar.

On the other hand, important improvement processes were also addressed in 2023 with the implementation of corporate compliance systems, the evaluation of the social and environmental impact of the activity, as well as the design of strategies for its improvement and strengthening of internal process control. In the words of Félix Guindulain Busto, president of the firm, “the strategic plan has proved to be successful and has resulted in major improvements in all areas of the company, but especially in internal communication and internal process control, as well as the promotion of the professional development of everyone in the organisation”.

The presentation of the results took place at one of the sessions of the Board of Directors of Corporación Jofemar, which was attended as guests by the Minister of Industry and Ecological and Digital Business Transition, Mikel Irujo, and the new director of Sodena, Iñaki Larraya, together with the other members of the aforementioned board of Corporación Jofemar, including the representatives of Sodena María Eugenia Lecumberri and Iker Linzoain. José Antonio Arrieta, partner and founder of Arpa Abogados y Consultores, and Jorge San Miguel, partner and founder of Innvia Corporate Solutions, also participated as independent members.